West Africa

Bugs on the menu as palm weevil protein hits the pan

Chris Matthews

Larvae may not be to everyone's taste but they could be key to easing food shortages and boosting farmers' incomes.

Infertility and tradition: 'Society thinks having children is your womanhood'

Palesa Matlala

We speak to a young, black woman who is infertile about the stigma she faces in her community.

Viruses, vaccines and superbugs: The biggest health stories of 2016

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

This year wasn’t pretty but from its ashes may rise important scientific advances that could change the course of history.

Should you be keeping Santa’s secret from the kids?

Pontsho Pilane

Warning, this article contains sensitive details about Father Christmas. Kids, look away.

More married women than singles having abortions

Ina Skosana

Nearly 90% of terminations of pregnancies are performed in developing countries.

How to prevent HIV with a pill

Demelza Bush

Mia Malan answers six important questions about the HIV prevention pill in three minutes.

The pros and cons of C-sections and vaginal births

Pontsho Pilane

Planning for a baby? Before deciding on a birth plan, find out what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Women can now inject themselves with 'the shot' at home

Pontsho Pilane

Could do-it-yourself birth control injections take off in South Africa?

Africa's oldest psychiatric hospital a stark reminder of war and a forgotten people

Ryan Lenora Brown

After Sierra Leone’s civil war, money poured in for mental health services. But a decade later, there's little left to help Ebola’s victims.

Six ways ARVs can help to end Aids by 2030

Kevin Rebe

Science knows more than ever about how to use HIV treatment to prevent new infections but will it be enough to end Aids?

Trying for a baby? Find out your chances of falling pregnant

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Figure out your odds of falling pregnant via in vitro fertilisation with this new online calculator

Will quackery guide Trump's global health policy?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The US remains one of the leading funders of global health but will this change on president-elect Donald Trump’s watch?

Cancer and heart disease: Can alcohol help you or hurt you?

Charles Parry

Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.

A sight for sore eyes: Teachers test pupils’ eyes to keep them in school

Imran Khan

Children need more than books to flourish at school. De-worming may be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase school participation in Africa.

Money can't be the only motive for developing life-saving medicines

Will the world act now to be ready for the next big outbreak?

Why is prostate cancer more aggressive in black men?

It's not yet known why prostate cancer affects black men worse than their white counterparts, but if you're a black man over 40, get yourself checked.

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan nabs CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Award

Bhekisisa team

Malan won for her long-form piece, “Diepsloot: Where men think it’s their right to rape.”

Unique South African children may chart new path for HIV vaccines

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

A study conducted among almost 200 South African children is the largest of its kind.

What if you don’t identify as a man or a woman?

Bathrooms, pronouns and growing up in a binary world. Mia Malan speaks to Demelza Bush about being genderqueer.

Trafficked to Turin: the Nigerian women forced into sex work abroad in Italy

Annie Kelly

Thousands of women are lured from Nigeria to Italy annually by the promise of a new life, only to find themselves trapped in the sex trade.

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: Finding my father's grave

M&G Multimedia

Time is running out for hundreds of families who may never find the final resting place of loved ones lost to Ebola.

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: The baby is ours

M&G Multimedia

Many families faced financial hardship during the outbreak. Some men took advantage of young girls, offering support in return for sex.

Home visits give instant HIV results and data set to guide more than a dozen African countries’ programmes

Adri Kotze , Stephen Tsoroti

The population assessments of the epidemic in sub-Sahara yields information of benefit to patients and to each nation’s plan of action

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: Closed for business

M&G Multimedia

During the Ebola crisis, banks, borders and markets were closed for over six months. The ban on Sunday markets still hasn't been lifted.

Data does not support the claim that 1 in 10 African girls miss school because of menstruation

Kate Wilkinson

A number of small studies have been conducted in African countries on the effect of menstruation on girls’ school attendance.

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: Gaddafi and the Tripoli Boys gang help Freetown

M&G Multimedia

When Ebola hit an overcrowded slum in Freetown people feared the worst. But a gang of unlikely heroes emerged to help the community.

Lift the veil on drug pricing and trade agreements, the UN urges companies and states

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

New United Nations report calls for drug companies to spill closely held secrets and patent reforms.

For better or worse: Tales of love and loss from post-Ebola Sierra Leone

M&G Multimedia

Ebola tore into the fabric of family life, and the relationships that bind them. These are two similar stories, with very different endings.

HIV and 'the shot': Could a leading contraceptive fuel HIV infection risk?

Sinaye Ngcapu

New evidence has spurred a large, multi-country study and an international meeting on the matter but will answer come soon enough for women?

Football is coming home at last: Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone

M&G Multimedia

After almost two years, the nation comes together to watch the national football team play its first match on home turf.