'It didn't take long for [the fetus] to come out. There was a human-like form.'

Ina Skosana

Left with little choice, many women turn to illegal abortionists to terminate their pregnancies.

Could this birth trend make for more serene deliveries?

Pontsho Pilane

Water births are a growing phenomenon in South Africa and globally. But this birth method is controversial – scientific evidence is lacking.

Could this country be among the world's best for refugees?

Mugume Davis Rwakaringi

Many Ugandans were once refugees themselves. Now, they are 'paying back the good' and making their country one of the best in the world for refugees.

When the sorrow doesn't end: Could chronic grief be a medical condition?

Andrea Volpe

The pain of bereavement is supposed to ease with time. When it doesn't, psychiatrists call it 'complicated grief' and it can be treated.

Africa's oldest psychiatric hospital a stark reminder of war and a forgotten people

Ryan Lenora Brown

After Sierra Leone’s civil war, money poured in for mental health services. But a decade later, there's little left to help Ebola’s victims.

Caesarean vs vaginal birth: A mother's choice, not her doctor's

Pontsho Pilane

C-sections may result in fewer lawsuits, but they are not always the best option.

The promise and peril of ditching South Africa's psychiatric hospitals

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Community mentalhealth care can be better for patients and health systems if it's done right. Find out how one organisation is making it work.

#SowetoMarathon: Why this prostate cancer survivor is running today

Ina Skosana

A marathon runner with prostate cancer uses his skill to promote awareness and encourage testing.

[From our archives] The unforgiving days of too much wine and never enough roses

Mia Malan

A cruel, unrelenting cycle of poverty, drinking and fetal alcohol syndrome robs families of all hope.

Trafficked to Turin: the Nigerian women forced into sex work abroad in Italy

Annie Kelly

Thousands of women are lured from Nigeria to Italy annually by the promise of a new life, only to find themselves trapped in the sex trade.

​Women of the Maasai fight back for their daughters

Emanuela Zuccalà

Girls as young as 10 feel the blade but an extraordinary group is fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM).

​Uncut, unwed and cast out, but a better life awaited

Emanuela Zuccalà

In rural Kenya, a group of strong-willed women is giving traumatised young runaways a second chance at life.

​Bones of gold: 'You never know when someone will kidnap you'

Ina Skosana

Dangerous myths persist about people living with albinism, but a community in Malawi has had enough.

Female genital mutilation: Hope blooms in Somaliland

Emanuela Zuccalà

Women in Somaliland are working together with an NGO to eliminate one of the most ancient and extreme practices of female genital mutilation.

‘No home, no money, no medicine – but who cares? I don't exist'

Amy Green

Introduce harm-reduction and HIV programmes – especially for heroin users – before it's too late.

Game-changing technology for blind people - at a price

Amy Green

Groundbreaking technology could revolutionise the future for the blind - but the exorbitant costs make it inaccessible.

Malaria has been beaten back – but children are still dying

Amy Green

Now the fight is on to eliminate the illness entirely – and save those still at the mercy of the mosquito.

School feeding schemes help to grow young minds

Ina Skosana

Studies show that feeding programmes at schools not only reduce stunting, but also combat obesity and lead to increased enrolment in schools.

Sangomas learn to meld muti with conventional medicine

Ina Skosana

Traditional and Western healers team up to treat patients with HIV and tuberculosis because many people consult more than one health system.

[From our archives] Diepsloot: Where men think it's their right to rape

Mia Malan

Crime stats released in 2015 reported a drop in rape cases, but experts say this is because fewer people are bothering to report rapes to the police.

Kampala is seizing TB by the horns

Amy Green

A private-public partnership is gaining ground in the fight against the disease in the city's slums.

Ebola thrives on the scraps of war and blight

Ina Skosana

Personal accounts from Liberia and Sierra Leone bring home the devastation wrought by the virus.