Austerity measures may leave SA's next generation of health workers unemployed

Joan van Dyk

Some pharmacists will be doing their community service at private pharmacies amid a shortage of posts.

Could six injections a year protect you from HIV infection?

Pontsho Pilane

A new injectable drug could change the face of HIV prevention and the revolution might start right here in South Africa.

Should you be keeping Santa’s secret from the kids?

Pontsho Pilane

Warning, this article contains sensitive details about Father Christmas. Kids, look away.

Teachers may be losing the battle of the bulge

Pontsho Pilane

A new study argues a teacher's health habits could influence pupils'choices.

More married women than singles having abortions

Ina Skosana

Nearly 90% of terminations of pregnancies are performed in developing countries.

What's next for South Africa's experimental HIV vaccine

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

If it works, the world's latest HIV vaccine candidate may make it to market quicker than we think - and become a routine childhood vaccination

Why I signed up for an HIV vaccine trial

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Jane Mahlangu is set to become one of the first 100 people in South Africa to receive an experimental jab that could prevent HIV - and make history

Could do-it-yourself HIV testing take off in SA?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The World Health Organisation hopes take-home tests will increase the number of the people who know their HIV status

STUDY: 56% of surveyed Diepsloot men have raped or beaten a woman in the past year

Mia Malan

Rape and physical abuse rates more than double those reported in national studies have been recorded in Diepsloot in northern Johannesburg

Vimba! Bhekisisa app helps Diepsloot women and children access help when raped

Bhekisisa team

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Bhekisisa is launching a free gender-based violence helpline in Diepsloot

Women can now inject themselves with 'the shot' at home

Pontsho Pilane

Could do-it-yourself birth control injections take off in South Africa?

Trying for a baby? Find out your chances of falling pregnant

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Figure out your odds of falling pregnant via in vitro fertilisation with this new online calculator

The investigation that unravelled an international syndicate dealing in stolen ARVs

Lionel Faull, Thomas Angeli

How undercover police infiltrated a criminal network that spent years hiding behind a curtain of shelf companies, Swiss bank accounts and pseudonyms.

Will quackery guide Trump's global health policy?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The US remains one of the leading funders of global health but will this change on president-elect Donald Trump’s watch?

How an international syndicate profited from Southern Africa's HIV epidemics

Lionel Faull takes us inside the investigation that exposed an ARV-smuggling syndicate that have managed to escape South African justice.

How to choose a medical aid plan

Ina Skosana

Are you thinking of switching medical aid options? If so, read this first.

Mail & Guardian, ​Bhekisisa journalists win Vodacom journalism awards

Bhekisisa team

Bhekisisa reporter Pontsho Pilane and M&G financial reporter Lisa Steyn nab top prizes at national journalism awards

Fed-up NHI doctors say they are nothing more than glorified nurses

Mia Malan

GPs working in the National Health Insurance’s biggest pilot site say they won't stay because of drug stock-outs, staff shortages and long queues

Exposed: Southern African trio 'sold expired ARVs' in Europe at a 4 000% markup

Lionel Faull, Thomas Angeli

Life-saving HIV drugs were allegedly diverted from Africa's public health system to sell in Europe.

Health MEC on death of 36 mental health patients: 'No one said it would be easy'

Gauteng health MEC says it wasn't her responsibility to visit nongovernmental organisations prior to transferring state patients into their care.

Fact Check: Are South Africans the 8th highest sugar consumers in the world?

Vinayak Bhardwaj, Africa Check

The size of South Africa's super-sized sweet tooth may be over-stated

[EXCLUSIVE] Gauteng health MEC: Court threats fly over patient deaths

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Gauteng health MEC Qedani Mahlangu breaks her silence over the department's deadly decision to transfer psychiatric patients.

Denying the right to die may be state-sanctioned torture, legal body says

Pontsho Pilane

As the country’s landmark euthanasia case heads to the appeal court, lawyers argue that keeping the practice illegal could violate the Bill of Rights

#FeesMustFall: Plans in place to ensure Wits medical students graduate

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Most of the country’s medical schools say final-year medical students will write exams

Will the latest TB drug reach South Africa in time?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Activists fear regulatory delays will come too late for many people who need delamanid and will also stall its release in neighbouring countries.

Bhekisisa journalists score big at Vodacom awards

Bhekisisa team

Bhekisisa staff scoop regional awards aimed at recognising feature writing and burgeoning young talent within the field

Depression during pregnancy may leave kids with a legacy of developmental problems

Ina Skosana

Mothers battling depression may need help forming the early crucial bonds that will affect children's relationships throughout their lives.

Why is prostate cancer more aggressive in black men?

It's not yet known why prostate cancer affects black men worse than their white counterparts, but if you're a black man over 40, get yourself checked.

#FeesMustFall: Four tips to protect your eyes during a protest

Pontsho Pilane

Police often use tear gas as a method of crowd control. Here are some tips to keep safe when those tear gas canisters start flying.

Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan nabs CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Award

Bhekisisa team

Malan won for her long-form piece, “Diepsloot: Where men think it’s their right to rape.”