access to basic education

Hunting for Africa's Einstein with a science lab on wheels

Aminu Abubakar

A truck equipped with laboratory equipment tours Nigeria, allowing 7,500 students and 15 schools to conduct practical lessons.

Letters to the editor: October 27 to November 2 2017


Readers write in about Ahmed Timol, the issues that hinder students' success, and President Zuma's statue in Nigeria

Why mere knowledge transfer fails

Mark Paterson

States and academics must collaborate or risk foreign experts taking over policy making

Core issues besides finance and access hinder students’ success

Ian Scott

The disparate backgrounds of students call for changes to courses and ways of teaching that don’t compromise academic competency

The ABCs of autism in the classroom: 'He only wants to eat sandwiches with cheese'

Pontsho Pilane

Autistic children experience the world differently, but this doesn’t stop them from learning.