Banting diet

Butter price and supply going rancid

Lisa Steyn

Drought, global shortages and over-enthusiastic banting mean the commodity is in short supply

A simple secret to keeping it Banting

Lisa Steyn

From alcohol to dessert, Lisa Steyn shares some tips on how you can make the Banting diet work for you.

DA racism tests and five other news events that could almost be true

M&G Reporters

In keeping with long-standing tradition, here’s our annual Not the Mail & Guardian, a fanciful collection of news events.

Up to the vegan challenge?

Brent Meersman

Cape Town Vegan Challenge is an invitation to try veganism for a month and several restaurants have taken up the gauntlet, writes Brent Meersman.

SA is likely to introduce sugar tax this year. Is sugar bad for your health?

Mia Malan

Some experts say sugar should be treated like drugs or alcohol. What does the science say?