Benny Malakoane

ANC denies removal of Free State health MEC has to do with fraud and #firebenny

Mia Malan

Benny Malakoane ‘did an excellent job’ despite tales of fraud, dismissals and hospitals in crisis.

Health MEC's deadly PR parade

Amy Green

As Benny Malakoane showed off progress in Free State, 317 patients were left in the dark over their cancer status.

Free State breaks the backbone of basic care for the destitute

The Mma Mokoenas of community health still dispense help despite having been dismissed.

System is in good health, insists MEC Malakoane

Mia Malan

Free State Health MEC Benny Malakoane has accused the M&G of sensationalist reporting, but warned that his department will run out of money this year.

[From our achives] Former Free State health MEC: They call me a killer, I know I'm a saviour

Mia Malan

In this 2014 interview, former Free State health MEC Benny Malakoane says that detractors are still alive is proof of the good work under his watch.