Bill Gates

The dark side of bitcoin

JS Smit

Finding a bitcoin buddy could send you off the deep end

‘Elon Musk’ might only be 95% accurate, but it’s enough to inspire

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Machanick reviews the merits of journalist Ashlee Vance's biography of Elon Musk.

Nutrition remains single biggest ‘missed opportunity’ in health, says Gates

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Malnutrition contributes to almost half of all child deaths globally but receives 1% of foreign aid.

#AIDS2016: Bill Gates warns HIV among young Africans could reverse progress

Mia Malan

The billionaire philanthropist says we need to focus on curbing infections among teenage girls and young women.

Bill Gates urges young people to find Africa’s ‘energy miracle’

Ra'eesa Pather

This continent will be worst affected by climate change, the philanthropist warned in an interview with the Mail & Guardian.