Boko Haram

Vigilantism is flourishing in Nigeria— with official support

Leighann Spencer

Inefficient policing in Nigeria has forced many communities to rely on vigilante groups for security— sometimes with support from authorities

Cameroon has lashed out at international thinktank over warning on anglophones

Agence France-Presse

In a statement, a government spokesman hit out at reports published by ICG that criticised a crackdown in the two English-speaking regions.

Protests in Anglophone Cameroon turn deadly

Al Jazeera

Soldiers have shot English-speaking protesters calling for independence from the majority French Cameroon.

Anti-terror law silences Cameroon

Simon Allison

The Cameroonian government is silencing dissent by using the ambiguous provisions of an anti-terrorism law to arrest and harass journalists

Cameroon’s controversial anti-terror law used to muzzle critical press

Simon Allison

A new anti-terror law is being used to silence any critical media that brings attention to the poor governance of President Biya's and his government