Boko Haram

Why the sartorial choices of Salafi clerics sparked a debate on morality in Nigeria

Moses E. Ochonu

For many young Muslims in northern Nigeria, Salafism’s prescriptions and prohibitions are suffocating

Mixed outlook for Africa in 2018

Alex Vines

The leaders for life will face challenges. Debt levels and servicing costs will plague governments. And conflict hotspots won’t cool down

Fit-again Nigerian president hits the campaign trail

Aminu Abubakar

Following months spent outside his country, President Muhammadu Buhari is getting ready to make a comeback

At least 50 killed in Nigeria mosque suicide bombing

Deutsche Welle

There have been no claims of responsibility for the suicide bombing, although authorities believe jihadi group Boko Haram is responsible

Vigilantism is flourishing in Nigeria— with official support

Leighann Spencer

Inefficient policing in Nigeria has forced many communities to rely on vigilante groups for security— sometimes with support from authorities