Boko Haram

​Climate change brings failed states and violent conflict

Sipho Kings

Control of increasingly scarce water is being used by armed groups to challenge central governments, causing untold suffering to civilians.

Boko Haram victim: 'I still have nightmares of those who were beheaded'

Eromo Egbejule, Adri Kotze

A handful of psychiatrists - one for every million people - deal with the minds of Nigerians racked by Boko Haram terror

Boko Haram: 'Deradicalisation' is the only hope for the stolen when they're 'free'

Adri Kotze

Could psychosocial programmes turn extremists into moderates?

'I was married to Boko Haram:' Life in the shadow of captivity

Eromo Egbejule

Most were abducted, others chose to go but all have to face the stigma and hope for acceptance.

Nigerian army says Shekau has a 'mental issue' after the Boko Haram leader resurfaces

News24 Wire

The army's director, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, reassured citizens that they are capable of defending them from the terrorist group.