bottled water

Sunlight + plastic bottles = Clean drinking water in Africa's largest urban slum

Cyrus Kinyungu

A novel and easy way to disinfect water using freely available solar power is helping to combat the spread of disease in developing countries.

Drought bites everywhere

Lynley Donnelly  

It has taken the severe dry cycle for the country to renew its appreciation of the true value of water

Six of the strangest bottled water

Paula Cocozza

From fat water to artichoke water, the health water market just keeps growing.

Agent Provocateur: Manufacturers do currency U-turn

Chantelle Benjamin

Now that the sector's wishes for a rand slump have been granted, it says this will have an inflationary effect.

Drowning in bottled water

Yolandi Groenewald

It's great business, but it is so environmentally unsound it has been banned in parts of Australia.