child rapes

[EXCLUSIVE] If you were raped, here are your chances of finding justice

Mia Malan

New, never before conducted research reveals the road rape survivors and police walk to justice denied.

No hurry to probe French CAR troops accused of child rape

More abuses of power by peacekeepers are coming to light as red tape delays justice.

Child rape in Diepsloot: The shocking story that sparked outrage

Mia Malan

Read an excerpt from the award-winning story that kick-started a campaign to link survivors of rape and gender-based violence to care.

Australia: Nation unites over abuses at Ballarat

Brigid Delaney

The stories of the men who were abused as children at the Ballarat diocese in Melbourne, Australia, have unleashed compassion on a national scale.

[From our archives] Diepsloot: Where men think it's their right to rape

Mia Malan

Crime stats released in 2015 reported a drop in rape cases, but experts say this is because fewer people are bothering to report rapes to the police.