climate change

The world’s taps are rapidly running dry

Robin Gremmel

​The world has abundant fresh water but it is unevenly distributed and under increasing pressure, United Nations agencies say

Romeo the lonesome frog is feelin' the love


A campaign to raise $15 000 by Valentine's Day to fund a search for Romeo's Juliet before he croaks generated $25 000

For global water crisis, climate may be the last straw

Marlowe Hood

Freshwater resources were already stressed before heat-trapping carbon emissions from fossil fuels began to warm Earth's surface and affect rainfall.

Paradise lost: 'Anote's Ark' shows Kiribati on the brink

Frankie Taggart

The low-lying Pacific nation of 33 atolls and reef islands is facing the unstoppable rise of the sea

Why coral reefs are important and why they are dying

Loes Witschge

​More than 11 billion pieces of plastic larger than five centimetres wide are littering coral reefs across the Asia-Pacific region