climate change

Climate study reveals that Finding Nemo may become even harder

Agence France-Presse

Clownfish are being expelled from their home of anemones as warming oceans stress both the fish and their invertebrate marine home.

The causes of Somalia's conflict and famine are bad governance, not climate change

Hakim Abdi

Famine and conflict can either be prevented, or the impact minimised, if institutions and mechanisms of good governance are in place

Letters to the editor: September 29 to October 5 2017


Readers write in about the effect of climate change on the poor, faith, and racial stereotypes.

An inconvenient review of An Inconvenient Sequel

Mpumelelo Mcata

"How poetic, how meta, how annoyingly terrific. As a young filmmaker myself, I may be having an existential crisis. Staving off the jealousy".

Fear and sweating in Pakistan's hottest cities

Maaz Khan

Scientists have warned that swathes of South Asia may be uninhabitable due to rising temperatures by 2100.