Abortion: Government to get tougher on doctors with moral objections

Yogan Pillay

Draft guidelines will look to balance a doctor or nurse's right recuse themselves from performing abortions with a person's right to choose.

Condoms at school? Yes, says a new education policy

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Parents and staff can no longer keep contraception out of schools in the case of children 12 years and older.

​Will the male Pill ever be a reality?

Adam Watkins

'Until there’s more demand from men for a pill of their own, the responsibility will be left to women.'

Birth control: Which one's best for you?

Bhekisisa's Amy Green explains what the top five forms of contraception on the continent are, and why.

The five best contraceptives backed by science

Amy Green

The right choice of contraceptive is crucial. Science can help you to choose one that's right for you.