Digital Age

Black? A woman? Read why you’re more likely to be a victim of online trolls

Gaia Vince

Are social media algorithms designed to prey the mental health of women and people of colour?

Ramaphosa floats the idea of an 'African bitcoin'

Simon Allison

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he fully supports calls for a single African currency— and that maybe it should be digital

How kids in a low-income country use laptop —lessons from Madagascar

Sandra​​ Nogry

Laptops have introduced the children of Nosy Komba in Madagascar to previously inaccessible tools

African governments leave women out of digital revolution

Mashadi Kekana, Gemma Ritchie

Despite governments having collected over $400-million to provide universal connectivity, women remain unconnected from the internet.

Letters to the editor: November 24 to 30


Readers write in about racism and digital education