Doctors Without Borders

South Africa must not repeat Libya’s mistakes with refugees

Joanne Liu

South Africa can work hard to be the positive example to lead the way for proper and humane migration management by improving its immigration policies

Is DIY HIV testing the latest Cape Town trend?

Kristen van Schie

It starts with a swab but does it end with a diagnosis? Why the trickiest part of DIY HIV testing happens after the test.

Global north can’t keep driving the health agenda, says Doctors Without Borders

Simon Allison

Joanne Liu, Doctors Without Borders' international president, says input to the MSF agenda must be balanced to meet the needs of parts of the world.

​MSF: We don’t care which side you're on. We're here to save your life

Dan Sermand

Doctors Without Borders reaches out to people, driven solely by medical criteria and independent from any powers.

We need to act urgently about the health disaster in Nigeria’s Borno state


The extent of the crisis is only now becoming clear. Hundreds of thousands have been cut off from assistance, some for as long as two years.