Donald Trump

Who’ll do the cooking if a woman is elected president?

Mondli Zondo

The question should be: Is the candidate (a man or a woman) best person for the job?

World leaders anxious to hear Trump as UN assembly kicks off

Carole Landry

Trump takes the podium at the General Assembly, presenting his message to the world as he pushes his nationalist "America First" agenda.

Congress sends anti-white supremacist measure to Trump

Al Jazeera

Rights groups argue that hate crimes are rising in the United States and have called on the president to address 'domestic terrorism'.

How segregated America made Trump inevitable

Donald Earl Collins

Collins unpacks how Trump is not very different from previous American presidents.

Does team Trump have an Africa plan?

James Reinl

When Kenya's top court annulled last month's presidential election results, Donald Trump's mind was elsewhere.