drug abuse

Letters to the editor: October 6 to 12 2017


Readers write in about the auditor witch-hunt, and drug policy

Codeine abuse is a habit, but how should South Africa deal with it?

All codeine products might soon require a prescription, taking them out of the reach of people needing only a mild pain killer.

Is codeine Africa's drug of choice?

Amy Green

Common cough, flu and pain medicines can be addictive. Codeine addiction is an increasingly well-known problem in South Africa.

How Africa's addicts are being helped to stay HIV-free

Amy Green

Those who 'shoot up' have a higher risk of getting infected, but some progressive nations are encouraging drug users to adopt safer habits.

Lifestyles of the rich and addicted

A round-up of some of the most exclusive – and most expensive – treatment centres in the world.