drug addiction

'Bluetoothing': The drug myth that fooled a nation?

Nelisiwe Msomi

Outreach workers say the practice making headlines isn’t as widespread as it’s been made out to be as they rush to prevent more from trying it.

Is codeine Africa's drug of choice?

Amy Green

Common cough, flu and pain medicines can be addictive. Codeine addiction is an increasingly well-known problem in South Africa.

Nyaope addiction tests a community's spirit

Mosibudi Ratlebjane

Addicts try and try again to break the habit but, with no real prospects, they can't win the battle.

‘No home, no money, no medicine – but who cares? I don't exist'

Amy Green

Introduce harm-reduction and HIV programmes – especially for heroin users – before it's too late.

Nyaope addict: I've become an animal

Lindokuhle Sobhekwa spent months photographing nyaope addicts. His extraordinary images seek to capture the human side of these people in the grip of addiction.