Egypt anoints a new pharaoh

Simon Allison

With Sisi retaining his grip on the presidency, this election is everything but democratic

Egypt heads to polls to choose between Sisi and 'rival'


The election was saved from being a "one horse race" when Moussa Mostafa Moussa registered immediately before the closing date for applications

For global water crisis, climate may be the last straw

Marlowe Hood

Freshwater resources were already stressed before heat-trapping carbon emissions from fossil fuels began to warm Earth's surface and affect rainfall.

Liverpool's Salah is the idol of his Egyptian village

Mona Salem

Further enhancing his status as a national hero, Mohamed Salah played a key role in leading Egypt to the World Cup finals in Russia later this year

Myths and methadone: Will Egypt’s laws bend to the rising tide of drug abuse?

Ati Metwaly

The real revolution is yet to come when it relates to the country’s opioid epidemic.