Unshackling licensed professions would create jobs

Donald MacKay

'Opening licensed markets to less regulation would yield a net good for South Africa,' says the writer

JZ’s fees plan ‘reckless, regressive’

Seán Mfundza Muller

The president’s proposed policy for 2018 lacks the critical foresight to truly lay the groundwork to improve access to education

Slice of Life: A break in poverty’s circle

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

'Free education would go a long way for us'

What free education could cost us

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Saturday’s surprise announcement could be the latest blow to the country’s bid for better healthcare.

Gigaba: How government will fund free education to be clarified at 2018 budget

Lynley Donnelley

The Treasury had been engaging with credit ratings agencies about the possibility of a decision on higher education, says Gigaba.