foreign aid

#​100Days of Trump: Africa seems to be a low priority

Aditi Lalbahadur

He plans to cut foreign aid, putting US commitments to the continent at risk.

Africa doesn’t need foreign aid — it can couple cultural ideals with technology

Carl Manlan

The continent can build on local-level networks and financial strategies such as stokvels to bring about socioeconomic transformation

Comment: 100-million young lives saved by aid

Melinda Gates

Aid may often be criticised, but it works, says the Gates Foundation.

Burundi's economy up in smoke after devastating fire

Esdras Ndikumana

Four months after Bujumbura's key market was razed to the ground, thousands of traders and the economy itself are reeling from the blow.

Aid pledges pour into Chile

Staff Reporter

Aid pledges poured into Chile on Monday after the government made its first requests for help as the death toll from the earthquake reached 723.