Gauteng department of health

Millions slip through NGO and Gauteng

Phillip de Wet

An extraordinary case is revealing unsavoury details about how the province transfers money

Gauteng mental health services: 'They treated him like you don't even treat a dog'

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

A decision by the Gauteng department of health has left at least 36 dead but has the scandal lifted the lid on the horrors of mental healthcare?

It's a nightmare when mental health medicine runs out

Ina Skosana

Mental health patients in Johannesburg's East Rand are hard hit by the unavailability of medication.

Dirty linen: Gauteng health department suspends CFO

Ina Skosana

Gauteng health department suspends its chief financial officer following allegations of irregularities in departmental procurement processes.

Medical negligence claims threaten NHI

Amy Green

Due to the high costs of litigation medical negligence claims could bankrupt a future NHI, say experts.