These countries medically prescribe heroin, should SA follow suit?

It’s time that evidence, not stigma, drive SA’s drug policies.

Transplants, tragedy and the true kindness of strangers

Amy Green

Organ donations are rare in SA: donors and the specialists needed to do transplants are few. But awareness increases as more lives are being saved.

'Hepatitis affects everyone, everywhere'

Sipho Kings McDermott

One in 12 people worldwide are living with hepatitis B or C, which translates into four million people living with the South Africa.

Egypt's viral time bomb set to explode

Staff Reporter

Up to nine million Egyptians have been exposed to hepatitis C, and tens of thousands will die each year unless they receive a liver transplant.

Northern Ugandan region in grip of hepatitis E

Staff Reporter

A hepatitis-E epidemic in northern Uganda has killed 110 people since last October and continues to spread across the region.