HIV prevention strategy

Malawi to halt prosecutions against LGBTI community

Malawi says it will no longer enforce anti-homosexuality laws but dangerous homophobia persists on the country's streets - and in its clinics.

Could six injections a year protect you from HIV infection?

Pontsho Pilane

A new injectable drug could change the face of HIV prevention and the revolution might start right here in South Africa.

South Africa on the cusp of HIV vaccine breakthrough

Glenda Gray

Recently the first participants in the HVTN 702 study received jabs of a vaccine that could stop HIV in its tracks

Could we mass-produce HIV immunity?

One tiny protein may hold the secret to ending the HIV pandemic.

Top school's controversial HIV sports policy raises discrimination concerns

Prega Govender

Specialist says contact sport policy isn't "necessarily supported by HIV transmission evidence" but school says it’s in line with the SA Schools Act.