Malawi to halt prosecutions against LGBTI community

Malawi says it will no longer enforce anti-homosexuality laws but dangerous homophobia persists on the country's streets - and in its clinics.

​Actor Nakhane Touré fends off hate speech over controversial new film

Carl Collison

'The Wound' tackles the unspoken issue of sexuality and tradition in a film about Xhosa initiates.

Mozambique scraps colonial-era homosexuality ban


A new penal code came into force on Monday, decriminalising homosexuality which was banned under ancient Portugese colonial laws.

Al-Bashir, the CEO Sleepout and sexy yoghurt.

The serious news this week that just can't be taken seriously.

'Un-African' sex myths exploded

Sarah Wild

A groundbreaking local scientific study has found that homosexuality is completely normal.