Suicide and the violence of our words

Lizette Rabe

What if we thought of suicide as the outcome of a terminal illness instead of the outcome of an action?

​Fake news is undermining the work of journalists

Glenda Daniels

Those exposed of wrongdoing by vigilant reporters are exploiting the distrust and doubt that misinformation engenders.

2016: What a sad and bad year for journalism

Glenda Daniels

Retrenchments, the threat of a media tribunal, a new Bill and mergers bode ill for newsrooms.

Investigative journalists' skills can empower people

Glenda Daniels

Citizens need to know how to source reliable information to advance their freedoms.

Enviro reporters are a dying species, and lobbyists take over the news

Sipho Kings

If the media isn’t paying for stories, lobbyists are – and they decide what the public should know.