Hamba kahle Mntungwa, a militant diplomat of note

Paddy Harper

'Khumalo knew the legislature, and the people in it, like the back of his hand, finessing documents and politicians with ease and grace'

Cameroon’s controversial anti-terror law used to muzzle critical press

Simon Allison

A new anti-terror law is being used to silence any critical media that brings attention to the poor governance of President Biya's and his government

The Zimbabwean journalist using fake news to fund real news

Simon Allison

Meet the Zimbabwean journalist who is concocting fake news to pay for real news

Suicide and the violence of our words

Lizette Rabe

What if we thought of suicide as the outcome of a terminal illness instead of the outcome of an action?

​Fake news is undermining the work of journalists

Glenda Daniels

Those exposed of wrongdoing by vigilant reporters are exploiting the distrust and doubt that misinformation engenders.