Why Al-Shabab targets Kenya— and what the country can do about it

Brendon J. Can​non

Kenya faces a serious threat of terrorist attacks given its strategic geopolitical position, its tourism and corruption

Two years behind schedule, Somaliland finally heads to the polls

Simon Allison

Somaliland is not just any other country. Technically, it’s a not a country at all.

Gasping for breath: Pneumonia's deadly toll

Karen McVeigh

A disease that claims the lives of two children under five a minute worldwide has hit drought-stricken Kenya hard, its spread driven by malnutrition.

Kenya and the politics of provocation

Simon Allison

Leaders are doing little to calm tensions in the midst of Kenya’s worst political crisis in a decade

Another country, another tear-gassing

Zukiswa Wanner

"Last week in Kenya, I became a witness to police empowering the elite in much the same way as their counterparts in South Africa did".