Elections are only part of the story in Kenya’s history of post-poll violence

John Ahere, Christina Kenny

Media focus has been on Kenya's election being a trigger for violence, but that's only part of the story.

Kenyan women live in fear of election violence

Nduta Waweru, The Daily Vox

Kenyan women have raised concerns that politicians and gangs are using young people to campaign for them and to threaten their opponents.

[SLIDESHOW] Sunlight and plastic bottles could be the solution to Kibera's water woes

Demelza Bush

Science from the Swiss cleans water with sunlight.

Sunlight + plastic bottles = Clean drinking water in Africa's largest urban slum

Cyrus Kinyungu

A novel and easy way to disinfect water using freely available solar power is helping to combat the spread of disease in developing countries.

Bird? Plane? No, flying toilet!

Sanitation problems in Kibera have caused outbreaks of cholera, but the new Peepoo bag could be the answer.