Letters to the Editor: February 23 to March 1


Our readers write in about Inxeba's censorship, not all Botswanans are also Batswana and Eddie Koch

Trans people have regrets too

Palesa Lebitse

The uproar over research about those who rue having a surgical transition obscures real issues

Botswana’s queer creatives push for change

Carl Collison

'The thing is, most people here grow up believing that a man should be with a woman and a woman only; that there is no other way of existing'

Bill aims to fix same-sex marriage glitch

Carl Collison

Couples are being turned away by the department of home affairs — prompting the introduction of an amendment Bill to Parliament last Friday

Intersex babies killed at birth because ‘they’re bad omens’

Carl Collison

Their necks are twisted, their bodies are crushed for muthi and their mothers are told they were stillborn