Why are our schools unsafe for LGBTQI+ children?

Nolwandle Zondi

Young people already face a great deal of pressure as they navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood.

​Victory for queer kids in Limpopo equality court ruling

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Parents and teachers need to understand LGBTQI+ children who need a ‘safe place’.

And the word was ... How a writer can promote hatred

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South Africans share their stories of what it took for them to start overcoming homophobia.

Malawi to halt prosecutions against LGBTI community

Malawi says it will no longer enforce anti-homosexuality laws but dangerous homophobia persists on the country's streets - and in its clinics.

​Queer students battle for inclusion

Carl Collison

LGBTQI+ students continue to come up against heteronormative, patriarchal attitudes despite universities’ attempts to neutralise gender.