Médecins sans Frontières

South Africa must not repeat Libya’s mistakes with refugees

Joanne Liu

South Africa can work hard to be the positive example to lead the way for proper and humane migration management by improving its immigration policies

​MSF: We don’t care which side you're on. We're here to save your life

Dan Sermand

Doctors Without Borders reaches out to people, driven solely by medical criteria and independent from any powers.

South Africa, show up Europe’s dirty anti-refugee deal

Mohammed Dalwai

Western nations are turning their backs on refugees fleeing war and there are alarming signals that Kenya and South Africa may adopt this stance.

War crimes swept under the carpet

Aayesha J Soni

This is not the first time the US has bombed a hospital.

Ebola thrives on the scraps of war and blight

Ina Skosana

Personal accounts from Liberia and Sierra Leone bring home the devastation wrought by the virus.