Tampon tax: What's the big deal?

Why are people who menstruate forced to spend at least R40 000 on sanitary products in their lifetime?

A guide to ‘alternative menstruation’: Save money and the world during your period

Pontsho Pilane

When ‘that time of the month’ comes, you don't have to reach for disposable tampons or pads.

Data does not support the claim that 1 in 10 African girls miss school because of menstruation

Kate Wilkinson

A number of small studies have been conducted in African countries on the effect of menstruation on girls’ school attendance.

Menstruation is part of life

Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Private toilets and water to wash is a basic right for all school-going girls that must be realised

Menstruation conversation moved forward by community theatre and sewing in the Eastern Cape

Natasha Joseph

The Siyahluma Project Group, formed in Grahamstown, creates their own re-usable pads and works to tackle stigmas surrounding menstruation.