mental health

Is racism making our children sick?

Joan van Dyk

Children who experience discrimination may be more at risk of mental and physical ill-health

Suicide and the violence of our words

Lizette Rabe

What if we thought of suicide as the outcome of a terminal illness instead of the outcome of an action?

​The Foxy Five: Issue-driven, thinly written but rich with potential

Asandele Sondiyazi

The creator of  ‘The Foxy Five’ deserves praise, but the writing could improve.

​Air pollution drives mental trauma

Sipho Kings

People living in cities and downwind of coal power stations breathe in high levels of nitrogen dioxide, which does significant damage to wellbeing.

Will my medical expenses get paid if I become suicidal?

Ina Skosana, Joan van Dyk

Medical aids cover far less for psychiatric illnesses than they do for physical ailments.