Meet the doctors: Take a look at this country's first crop of homegrown physicians

Ryan Lenora Brown

Finally capping its own medics, the country must now retain them and coax them into rural areas.

Toivo ya Toivo was more than a Namibian hero

Simon Allison

“'We are Namibians, and not South Africans,' he told the Supreme Court during his trial in Pretoria in 1967-1968"

Namibia’s not-so-radical transformation

Simon Allison

The country’s new blueprint for development aims for incremental growth

​Activists ramp up Herero and Nama reparation demands on film

Kwanele Sosibo

Filmmaker Vincent Moloi hopes to raise the profile of reparation with ‘Skulls of My People’.

Namibia's great athlete quits Olympic post amid scandal

Shinovene Immanuel

National hero was named in an alleged corruption affair with IAAF.