National Health Insurance

Rands and sense: Why the National Health Insurance may lead to better health budgets

Natasha Salant

As it stands, the policy may be woolly and imprecise but its promise is too bold to ignore.

ANC looks to axe medical aid tax credits, expand National Health Insurance

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The ruling party says it’s time to get serious about funding and rolling out South Africa's universal access to healthcare plan.

Medical aids may know their fate by 2020 under the National Health Insurance

Joan van Dyk

Government and medical aids may be uncomfortable but necessary bedfellows.

Syndicates and devious health professionals may target National Health Insurance

Joan van Dyk

Criminal networks are targeting your medical aid rands but could you be part of the problem too?

Medical aid board says SA has no choice but to back NHI

Ina Skosana

The industry body says the dwindling number of medical aid members means the government must act.