Olusegun Obasanjo’s greatest fear

Simon Allison

The former Nigerian president talks about the continent’s future, its failures and the youth explosion that keeps him awake at night

Chibok girls release is good news, just when Buhari needs it most

Simon Allison

Buhari has been ill for most of this year, drastically cutting back his official schedule. This was one event he could not afford to miss

​Climate change brings failed states and violent conflict

Sipho Kings

Control of increasingly scarce water is being used by armed groups to challenge central governments, causing untold suffering to civilians.

The collateral damage in Africa’s anti-homosexuality laws

Carl Collison

Anti-gay laws "precipitate negative consequences not just for LGBTI persons and communities, but for societies as a whole", a new report has found

Boko Haram: 'Deradicalisation' is the only hope for the stolen when they're 'free'

Adri Kotze

Could psychosocial programmes turn extremists into moderates?