Major airlines give Kaduna airport a miss

Aminu Abubakar

"​Nigeria’s capital has cut off by air since Wednesday"

Boko Haram: 'Deradicalisation' is the only hope for the stolen when they're 'free'

Adri Kotze

Could psychosocial programmes turn extremists into moderates?

'I was married to Boko Haram:' Life in the shadow of captivity

Eromo Egbejule

Most were abducted, others chose to go but all have to face the stigma and hope for acceptance.

​Libya, Nigeria may scupper oil price plan

Reuters, Bloomberg

Should Libya hit the target of 900 000 barrels a day, it would replace about one-third of the supplies being cut by other Opec nations.

Nigeria's lesbians to challenge Act that prohibits same-sex marriage

Carl Collison

They say a recent law violates the Constitution and that it has fuelled violence against queer people.