Pro-Biafra supporters clash with Nigerian troops


Fifty years ago, a declaration of Biafran independence sparked a brutal 30-month civil war.

Mass arrests of Nigerian ‘gay’ men

Carl Collison

Numerous men suspected of being homosexual were arrested and have not yet had a court hearing.

Slice Of Life: No longer at ease

Ra'eesa Pather

'In black communities, you don’t only look after your family. From the money you get, you need to pay a monthly allowance for extended family'

#SliceOfLife: Dancing with Davido

Govan Whittles

"It’s special for someone like me to come from the Eastern Cape and make it in the big city"

Cry, Nigeria, my beloved country

Idowu Omoyele

That a country so blessed with abundance can so cruelly betray its poor and vulnerable is nothing short of a tragedy