Flakka in SA is fake news – Hawks

Govan Whittles

The unit says it has found no signs of the psychosis-inducing drug but others insist it is in the country

Rosettenville: Home is where your heart breaks

Neighbours turn away, authorities wash their hands — the story of this house is of neglect, despair and nyaope

New Gauteng programme allows drug users to swap illegal highs for safer alternatives

Nelisiwe Msomi

The Tshwane initiative could help reduce drug use, drug-related crime and new HIV infections.

Inside 'bluetoothing's' fake high

Did you know that 'bluetoothing' puts you at risk of contracting multiple bloodborne diseases and it doesn't even get you high?

'Bluetoothing': The drug myth that fooled a nation?

Nelisiwe Msomi

Outreach workers say the practice making headlines isn’t as widespread as it’s been made out to be as they rush to prevent more from trying it.