Did Trump just sentence 10,000 Nigerian women to death?

Ruth Maclean

Nearly 2 million unwanted pregnancies and thousands of deaths would have been prevented had Trump not pulled funding for reproductive health.

Serena Williams expecting baby this year


In December Williams announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, first sharing the news on the social media site.

'Hiding my pregnancy from my family is best for everyone'

Mihlali Ntsabo

A 24-year-old woman tells the Daily Vox's Mihlali Ntsabo why she fears her family finding out about her pregnancy.

​Pregnancy’s not the end of schoolgirls’ dreams

Prega Govender

Don’t drop out of school – you have a responsibility to yourself and your child, says a young mother now studying to be a teacher.

Beyoncé does it for mothers

Palesa Lebitse

Her pregnancy is demonstrated in a way that challenges social stereotypes