Is racism making our children sick?

Joan van Dyk

Children who experience discrimination may be more at risk of mental and physical ill-health

Coligny: Where a handful of stolen seeds can cost you your life

Govan Whittles

Simmering racism in the North West town has boiled over after the alleged murder of a black teen.

Mabel Jansen resigns as judge

Staff Reporter

Jansen was placed on special leave while the JSC deliberated on a complaint against her that no black man could be fairly tried in her courtroom.

​Slice Of Life: Rachel Dolezal and the erasure of history

Carl Collison

Engaging with Rachel Dolezal did not convince an employee of the Centre for Diversity Studies of her well-meaning.

Slice Of Life: Making the difficult move to connect

Carl Collison

A physical move changed everything in a difficult discussion.