Charlottesville is America everywhere

Erika Wilson, Khaled A Beydoun

US white supremacists and Neo-Nazis are no longer afraid of showing their faces because they face no repercussions.

'We're not racist; just give coloureds a chance'

Bongekile Macupe

Protests disrupted schooling in Klipspruit West after a black principal was brought into the largely coloured area

Malema might have a point about South African Indian people

Aaisha Dadi Patel

Many have come out condemning Malema – but by doing so, are we shutting down an important conversation that needs to be had?

Afriforum to lay racism and incitement charges against 100 social media users

Mihlali Ntsabo

Why are there only black people on this list?

Maneta wears his mind on his sleeve

Sabelo Mkhabela

Mental illness, feminism and racism are explored in a new collection of short stories by Rofhiwa Maneta