Faith can promote rape culture

Pastors who use biblical texts to justify what is ‘natural’ perpetuate gender violence

How courts, media conspire to brutalise us

Sisonke Msimang

The law is on the side of men. It doesn’t reflect the real world of tears, torn panties and scepticism

Editorial: Victim-blaming for rape


'Speaking out against power and its abuses can lead to a great deal more abuse being directed at the accuser'

Women freedom fighters tell of sexual abuse in camps

Carl Collison

'In MK, there was this belief that you don’t want to divert from the struggle by talking about women’s liberation and feminism'

13 women come forward in ever-widening Weinstein rape scandal

Frankie Taggart

The women's allegations against the 65-year-old movie mogul were made in an bombshell expose published by the New Yorker on Tuesday.