[WATCH] Forced oral sex: Is it rape?

Do you know what the law says about rape in South Africa? Our Mia Malan explains the legal ins and outs in three minutes.

#MeToo is riding a new wave of feminism in India

Alka Kurian

In the early 21st century, millennial Indian women launched a radically new kind of feminist politics that had not been seen before.

#MeToo implies we’re the problem

Veronica Sigamoney

Breaking the silence on sexual violation is powerful but how we do it is another question

Rape myths inflict more harm on victims

Palesa Lebitse

Sexual assault survivors are silenced by societal prejudice, lack of support from their community or family, secondary trauma and rape myths.

Faith can promote rape culture

Pastors who use biblical texts to justify what is ‘natural’ perpetuate gender violence