Africa’s queer asylum seekers in search of land of milk and honey

Carl Collison

Sweden and South Africa are popular destinations for LGBTQ refugees, but both countries are far from perfect

CAR spirals further out of control

Simon Allison

The conflict in the Central African Republic is getting more violent and is spreading to previously unaffected areas. The world seems indifferent

We can live with refugees in our midst

Caroline Wanjiku Kihato

Assisting displaced people to integrate with their hosts will help build inclusive, resilient cities

G is for Globalism

Peter Rothpletz

Critics may say the muppets are little more than politicised stuffed animals, but to dismiss the power of Sesame Street is a mistake.

Refugees have an equal right to healthcare

Bongani Majola

The health department recognises this but not everyone, including asylum seekers, knows this