France saw a 'historic' 100 000 asylum claims in 2017

Claire Gallen

"It confirms that France is one of the countries receiving the most asylum claims in Europe."

Rwanda, Uganda deny Israel deal to host African migrants

Al Jazeera

Israel approved a plan to force asylum seekers to choose between indefinite detention in an Israeli prison, or deportation to a third African country

Pope to visit Myanmar as anti-Rohingya hatred seethes

Agence France-Presse

The November visit comes as unprecedented numbers of Rohingya flee into neighbouring Bangladesh because of increasing communal violence.

Turkey's deescalation operation promises to be a smooth transition

Al Jazeera

Rebels have told 'Al Jazeera' that Turkey has indirectly sent a stark warning to any faction that resists the operation.

For displaced Malians the Mauritanian desert is a haven

Agence France-Presse

Despite the refugee camp's depleting funds, refugees would rather be hungry than live in terror