Rough welcome: Could South Africa's new border detention centres turn deadly?

Joan van Dyk

Experts warn that the country’s overburdened asylum system could leave people trapped at ‘processing centres’ for years

Displaced Congolese find unlikely refuge in Angola

Simon Allison

So far, an estimated 12 300 people have made the perilous journey to safety on foot, fleeing deepening conflict in Kasai province

The best place on earth for refugees?

More than 383 000 people have fled to Uganda since July when violence resumed in the South Sudanese capital of Juba.

Returning refugees happy to be home, despite hardship

Kun Li

"The returnees are also getting extra assistance to help them settle, including $90 worth of food a month from the World Food Programme"

Syrian refugee regrets Merkel selfie

Al Jazeera

German Syrian sues Facebook for not removing his image from fake ‘terrorism’ news stories.