​DIRCO slams special refugee status for white South Africans

South African government says it's “regrettable” that Australia’s home affairs minister wants to give special treatment to white South African farmers

Letters to the Editor March 2 to 8


In an open letter to the president, a reader asks that refugees are given a lending hand

Djibouti’s greatest threat may come from within

Simon Allison

Military superpowers, which now include China, rely on Djibouti’s increasingly fragile stability

France saw a 'historic' 100 000 asylum claims in 2017

Claire Gallen

"It confirms that France is one of the countries receiving the most asylum claims in Europe."

Rwanda, Uganda deny Israel deal to host African migrants

Al Jazeera

Israel approved a plan to force asylum seekers to choose between indefinite detention in an Israeli prison, or deportation to a third African country