sanitary pads

‘If government can give us flavoured condoms, it can give us free pads’

Find out which departments need to step up to make free pads a reality for people who menstruate.

Why treasury won't support a fall in the tampon tax

Pontsho Pilane

Pontsho Pilane recently presented a proposal to Parliament to introduce free pads for poor people who menstruate. Here’s what she learned.

Tampon tax: What's the big deal?

Why are people who menstruate forced to spend at least R40 000 on sanitary products in their lifetime?

Free pads versus free condoms: Why we can't afford this debate

Pontsho Pilane

Why the debate misses the very gendered point in a country where people with uteruses remain disproportionally affected by HIV.

What department of women? For many, it may as well not exist

Pontsho Pilane

Many people don’t know it exists, and those who do don’t feel that it is improving their lives.