Lack of proper sanitation costs Africa over $19-billion annually, nearly 1% of GDP

Kinya Seto

More innovation in technology and delivery needed to bring solutions to the underprivileged.

Sunlight + plastic bottles = Clean drinking water in Africa's largest urban slum

Cyrus Kinyungu

A novel and easy way to disinfect water using freely available solar power is helping to combat the spread of disease in developing countries.

Bird? Plane? No, flying toilet!

Sanitation problems in Kibera have caused outbreaks of cholera, but the new Peepoo bag could be the answer.

Has President Jacob Zuma's government done 'a good job'?

Africa Check

Minister Jeff Radebe has written a detailed article defending President Jacob Zuma's achievements. Africa Check fact-checked his claims.

This is why toilets are a gender issue

Sarita Ranchod

The politics of toilets touch on human rights and security more than you might think.