#MiningIndaba: Why the real mining investors won’t be in Cape Town this week

Thabang Pooe

The most important people in mining will not be among the movers and shakers at the high-profile event this week.

Court case could force gold industry to pay out miners' daughters and wives

Thabang Pooe, Dean Peacock

A high court has ruled that compensation to women who have to take care of sick miners could ease the gendered harms imposed by the industry.

Mining companies are using delay tactics in a bid to slice silicosis payout costs

Richard Meeran

The industry’s disgraceful behaviour takes place as death whittles away the number of claimants, writes Richard Meeran.

Gold industry's appeal in miners' silicosis class action is shameful

Widows and children stand to inherit damage claims from the mining industry, but their decision to appeal doesn't bode well.

Silicosis: A tragic history of rights violations

Courts ruled for compensation for gold miners affected by silicosis, but what about the impact years of caring for the sick had on women and children?