substance abuse

This country figured out how to stop teen substance abuse, so why has no one else?

Emma Young

Find out which nordic nation radically cut teenage smoking, drinking and drug use and how they did it.

In Makhado, the cat's in the cradle

Ina Skosana

'Cat' or 'intash' joins tik and nyaope in the playground as dealers target bored children.

They suffer the cruelty of our care

Bronwyn Myers

SA society continues to betray traumatised young women who spiral into a life of drugs and abuse.

Mother's vow to 'save one more teen'

Amy Green

Suicides among teenagers are on the rise, but parents can be taught to spot the warning signs.

Govt eyes overhaul of alcohol industry

Faranaaz Parker

If the government gets its way, the alcohol industry could be in for a massive overhaul.