Bad boy sugar does some good

Sipho Kings

Sugar cane has a bad image but a new model that helps smallholders and associations in rural areas to earn a life-changing income may shift this.

Your sweet tooth brings development to Swaziland

Sipho Kings

Mandatory blending regulations, coming into force over the coming decade, could create a whole new market for Swazi sugarcane, in the form of ethanol.

How to pack the best lunch for your kids in five easy steps

Nelisiwe Msomi

Not up to the daily dilemma of what to pack your little ones for lunch? Beef up your children’s lunch boxes with these quick tips.

​Parenting 101 as presented by the sugar-rush kids

JS Smit

The day started off pleasantly enough with a warm goodbye to the parents, after which the minors arranged themselves in front of the TV.

There’s nothing sweet about a sugar tax

Mapule Ncanywa

The proposed levy on sweetened beverages is a shaky way of controlling the nation’s obesity and disease rates.