Your smartphone could soon give a fast diagnosis of HIV

Joan Koka

Researchers have developed a dongle and an app that can quickly screen for the virus and other sexually transmitted infections like syphilis.

A pain in the arts: How syphilis affected creativity

Sarah Dunant

Syphilis brought from the Americas had Europe by the short and curlies in the 1490s, and went on to affect the creativity of writers and artists.

US researchers broke rules in Guatemala syphilis study

Alina Selyukh

US researchers must have known they were violating ethical standards by infecting Guatemalan prison inmates and mental patients with syphilis.

New chip could become a disease game-changer

Marlowe Hood

A cheap, highly portable blood test has proven to be as accurate as expensive hospital-based analyses in detecting infectious diseases.

US says sorry for Guatemalan syphilis tests

Staff Reporter

Experiments in 1940s saw hundreds of Guatemalan prisoners and soldiers deliberately infected to test effects of penicillin.