African leaders are more constrained by democratic rules than you think

Nic Cheeseman

The process of institutionalisation may be patchy and uneven. But one thing is clear: Africa is not without functioning institutions

Home away from home: The rise of immigration from Africa to Europe and the US

Mashadi Kekana

Between 2010 and 2017, the number of people emigrating from sub-Saharan countries to other regions grew by 31%

Tanzanian journalist recounts his midnight flight from assassins

Ansbert Ngurumo

Veteran Tanzanian journalist, and government critic, recounts his escape from assassins – and describes the country’s climate of fear

Community-based wildlife conservation is bringing success to Tanzania

Derek E. Lee

A new study is finding that community-based wildlife conservation can quickly result in clear ecological success.

Finding Rhapta, East Africa’s lost Roman-era city

Kevin Davie

Forgotten by history, the ancient city of Rhapta is among Africa’s most enduring archaeological mysteries