Tanzania arrests a sign of ‘autocracy’

Carl Collison

The 13 detained activists had been holding a meeting about health issues, not about homosexuality

SA human rights lawyers arrested in Tanzania get bail, but still no charges

Carl Collison

The group accused of 'promoting homosexuality' are yet to be charged by Tanzanian police

UPDATE: SA lawyers arrested in Tanzania for 'promoting homosexuality' get bail

Carl Collison

The arrests took place in Dar es Salaam last Tuesday when the Tanzanian police raided a legal consultation meeting.

Mercury rising: Gold mining’s toxic side effect

Across Africa, from Mali to Tanzania to Zimbabwe, millions of people, including children, work in dangerous gold mines.

Secondhand clothes are going out of style

Tiffany S Thomas

"The United Nations estimates that 80% of Africans wear secondhand clothes yet as inexpensive as they may be, there is a price to be paid"