Secondhand clothes are going out of style

Tiffany S Thomas

"The United Nations estimates that 80% of Africans wear secondhand clothes yet as inexpensive as they may be, there is a price to be paid"

Angelina Jolie takes on her biggest role — as a TB-sniffing rat

Angelina might just have saved a life. But is there science to prove it?

Tanzania steps up fight against queer rights

Carl Collison

The country’s government has reinforced that queer rights activists will be punished

The Tanzania Albinism Collective

Simon Allison

“My parents abandoned me, because I look the way I do. They said I’m not their child”

China’s success in Africa depends on peace in South Sudan

Peter Biar Ajak

For a regional connectivity plan to work, there must be stability in east Africa, writes Peter Biar Ajak.