traditional circumcision

Chiefs: 'No initiate will die this season'

Ina Skosana

Traditional leaders believe new government rules will prevent young men from dying this winter.

Embracing the safer cut

A medical male circumcision programme is working with chiefs in Zimbabwe to make traditional circumcision safer.

Penis transplants? How about we stop botched circumcisions

Verashni Pillay

We celebrate the first penis transplant but if we ignore the botched initiations behind it we’re just in one big dick contest, says Verashni Pillay.

The boys who lost their manhood

Mia Malan

During this initiation season, we look back at what happened in 2013 when bungled initiations cost boys their penises.

M&G Hangout: Non-surgical circumcision?

From contraception for schoolchildren to PrePex circumcisions, we discuss the Aids-prevention efforts debated at the SA Aids conference.