Tuberculosis (TB)

Prudence Mabele: The death of an activist, the reckoning of a movement?

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

​The loss of one of SA’s most longstanding HIV activists comes when politics and dwindling resources are pitting stalwarts against each other.

What can TB learn from HIV?

How HIV experts may be able to help crack the code and find SA's missing TB patients.

You might have TB and not know it

TB treatment is available for free in South Africa. But 20% of people are never diagnosed and spread the disease unknowingly.

SA continuing to negotiate affordable access to TB drug

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

A new pilot programme launched Friday will allow at least 200 people to access the latest treatment worth hundreds of thousands of rand.

SA may hold key to curing world's rising drug-resistant TB epidemic

Dr Francesca Conradie

New drug combinations tested in the country may be a lifeline to those with TB most unlikely to survive it.