African leaders are more constrained by democratic rules than you think

Nic Cheeseman

The process of institutionalisation may be patchy and uneven. But one thing is clear: Africa is not without functioning institutions

Israel to free 207 African migrants from prison


Following a court order, the country will release African migrants from prison after the Prime Minister reversed a deal with the UN refugee agency

13 African athletes go missing at Commonwealth Games

Agence France-Presse

Australia's Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton warned athletes would be forcibly removed from the country if they attempted to overstay their visas

Netanyahu cancels UN deal on African migrants in shock reversal

Michael Blum, Majeda El-Batsh

After a deluge of criticism, the premier has cancelled an agreement that would have allowed thousands of migrants to remain in Israel temporarily

'Now people call me a killer': Abducted at nine to be a girl soldier

Samuel Okiror

Take a look at life after war for the women abducted by Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony.