'Now people call me a killer': Abducted at nine to be a girl soldier

Samuel Okiror

Take a look at life after war for the women abducted by Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony.

Rwanda, Uganda deny Israel deal to host African migrants

Al Jazeera

Israel approved a plan to force asylum seekers to choose between indefinite detention in an Israeli prison, or deportation to a third African country

What needs to be done to make Africa politically stable

Jakkie Cilliers

In the long term only rapid, inclusive economic growth combined with good governance can make the continent less volatile.

Uganda's parliament votes to scrap presidential age-limit

Sella Oneko, Alex Gitta

This decision could extend 73-year-old President Museveni’s rule after elections in 2021

Ugandan musicians charged for disturbing the President's peace


Singer David Mugema and music producer John Muwanguzi were accused of having disseminated a tune titled "Wumula", meaning "retire".