Infertility and tradition: 'Society thinks having children is your womanhood'

We speak to a young, black woman who is infertile about the stigma she faces in her community.

Forced sterilisations rob African women of more than just motherhood

Tabitha Griffith Saoyo

The ability to bear children continues to decide many women's social standing and inheritance.

Grandmother, mother, martyr

Iman Rappetti

My grandmother made do instead of making the most of, and my mother was a martyr.

Letters to the editor: September 16 to 22 2016


Readers write in about powerful women, water retention, and Krotoa.

The intricacies of sex without a penis tend to baffle a great number of people

Kagure Mugo

There is much more to enjoying fulfilling and safe sex than just Pornhub mechanics.